There’s the stuff you “need,” and then there’s the stuff you NEED. I threw together my most coveted items, from pregnancy and beyond. My hope is that this gives you a little more time for you, and a little less time online. 

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I might earn a small commission if you love something as much as I do... but I only ever suggest what has been personally vetted!

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MKC Specialty Tips: Maternal Nutrition

MKC Specialist Tips: Speech & Language Development (Infancy to Toddlerhood)

Top Resources

MKC Specialist Tips: Sleep Averages, Goals and Methods

Niki Klein, Speech Language Pathologist created a guide to language development in toddlerhood.

Sarah Reuben, MS, RDN, CDN, created a postpartum pantry and grocery guide.

Xan Coffman, Certified Sleep Consultant created a guide to all things baby & toddler sleep.

Experiencing analysis paralysis? Tired of conflicting reviews? Look no futher.


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My Top Picks

My small business favorites, with an emphasis on quality, efficiency and aesthetic.
I do not receive affiliate links from these items. They really are just that good.

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The Wave Crib by Nestig


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Mama Stone by Kate McLeod

Prenatal Belly Moisturizer

Elephant Placemat by Land of Bébé

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personalized Gift

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Montessori Furniture Set of Three by Wood and Heart

Pikler Triangle

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Play Packs by Union Square Play

Toddler Play

Skincare by Estas Beauty

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Scar Therapy

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Baby's First Bites Feeding Class by Tiny Tasters

Introducing Solids

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Infant CPR & Choking (0-12 Months | Virutal) by Tiny Hood

Infant & Child CPR Classes

SlumberPod Privacy Canopy

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Travel Must-Have

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The Nap Dress Collection by Hillhouse Home

best. dress. ever.

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Women's Wear line for pregnancy and beyond by Frances Hart

Chic Maternity Clothes

Active and Loungwear by Blanqi

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Maternity Activewear

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Daily compression socks by COMRAD

Compression Socks

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The softest organic clothes by MORI

Baby & Toddler Clothes

Small Loads Sensitive Skin & Baby Detergent by Dropps

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Baby Laundry

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