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June 27, 2018

Podcasts changed my life.

I could sit here and tell you all the reasons why I love podcasts, and maybe some day I will, but if you’re here you either know how great they are, or you’ve already been convinced to give them a shot.  Whether you’re in transit, walking your dog, or even cooking, podcasts do that amazing thing of just making you feel productive and accomplished for listening.

One quick tip: I like using Overcast for list management and listening. Make sure you download your episode so you can hear it offline.

Here are a few that I’ve personally vetted, to help you Love AnotherI also have separate posts for Love Yourself & Love Your Life Podcasts. Check back weekly for new additions.


The Power of Being Single

Simplify ft. Rebecca Traister

25 Minutes
  • Recommend Because: Look I listened to this and I’m not even single. It goes beyond marital status (although focuses on single women). I recommend it for anyone who wants to understand the power of loving oneself despite the amount of pressure society puts on us to have more relationships.
  • Major takeaway: Life doesn’t begin when you find a partner. The ideal partnership is two whole people coming together, not two half people waiting for each other to become whole.

Why Do People Cheat? Part 1 & 2

Tony Robbins ft. Esther Perel

158 Minutes Total
  • Recommend Because: I’ve been cheated on before and I have to say, for many years I was unwilling to look at my part in why it happened. This podcast is crucial for anyone who has been in a relationship where infidelity or jealousy is a key player.
  • Major takeaway: Infidelity can mean so many things. It takes accountability and work to move past infidelity in a relationship, but it doesn’t always have to mean the end of a relationship.

I’ve Had 100 Conversations With You In My Head

Where Should We Begin w. Esther Perel

45 Minutes
  • Recommend Because: It’s always helpful to hear other couples going through life. We rarely get the opportunity to see how people communicate when they are alone or in session. It’s a beautiful opportunity to hear the journey of two people working through a relationship.
  • Major takeaway: The importance of listening, open communication and asking questions in a relationship. We don’t ask each other enough questions. We assume that we know each other so well because we’ve been in long term relationships, but so much changes over time.


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