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Although my background is in psychotherapy and developmental psychology, our work together won't feel like your average therapy session. Because it's not. Coaching is completely different.

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I don't say this lightly, Marcella has changed my life for the better in every way...Most importantly, she's helped me deeply connect with myself so that whatever situation I'm facing—work, romantic relationships, family, friends—I approach with a clearer sense of who I am and what I need and a confidence I've never had before. I constantly recommend Marcella and will continue to do so! She's my guide, support, and coach. I've realized so much about myself through our work together -- I'm stronger and more powerful than I knew. I am enough. Forever grateful.

“I've realized so much about myself through our work together—I'm stronger and more powerful than I knew. I am enough."


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A few examples of why someone might coach with me:

Together, we'll focus on clarity, empowerment and action.

• Grappling with the emotional changes & challenges that accompany pregnancy, motherhood (and life in general)
•  Returning to work after baby and managing boundaries within the various roles (mother, employee, spouse, etc)
• Not returning to work after baby, and shifting careers/personal goals
• Time management, personal & family organization
• Moving/relocating with family
• Marriage & family communication challenges
• Friendship, family and community dynamics and the challenges that accompany them

Coaching is not suitable for anyone who is experiencing a significant mental health disorder. Learn more about this here.


One-to-one sessions are one hour, and take place virtually. Sessions are conducted weekly or twice monthly, depending on your personal goals and needs.

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The process

If coaching sounds like a good fit for you, reach out to me and we will hop on a free, introductory (no pressure) call to determine if we are a good fit. From there, we will establish session frequency, your first (BIG) homework assignment, personality testing and more.

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other ways we can work together

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Corporate Panels, workshops & Retreats

Your employees are juggling more than ever and you want to do more to  support them. I facilitate customized virtual workshops and corporate retreats (2021) that address the specific needs of your employees, covering topics like time management, finding balance, self care and more. 

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Parenting groups

For anyone craving community, look no further than Mom Groups at Union Square Play. Connect with other moms, learn from experts, all lead by me, once a week- for eight weeks.

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MK Membership

Want to experience coaching on your own time? My program is ready when you are. This option includes pre-recorded sessions, expert Q & A, homework assignments, handouts and much more.

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"I felt understood and heard. I was able to narrow down the long list of things I wanted career wise, and I actually changed jobs while working with Marcella. She helped me navigate a very tough time and the new job actually made more money and have me more freedom. I was also able to strengthen my relationship with my partner and my parents during the year that we worked together. My husband tells me all the time how proud of me he is for tweaking certain things."

N.w. SAYs:

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"Before working with Marcella, I was scattered, unfocused, and playing too small. After our sessions, it became much easier for me to see when I'm sabotaging myself and course correct when needed.  It's been easier for me to stick to my priorities. While I'm still not perfect at either of these, I've become much improved. Our work together showed me that I can affect/serve more people than I had believed before. I now play to my strengths more than I did earlier."

Jo SAYs:

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"I needed to gain confidence to have difficult conversations and understanding that feelings are powerful and can drive a lot of thoughts that are not reflective of what the other person in the room is really thinking. I used to be filled with anxiety and worries when it came to dealing with difficult personalities at work. Marcella's ability to bring me back to reality helped me get out of my own way and focus on dealing with the task at hand. I've experienced much success and progress through her method of being transparent and showing up for yourself."

S.H. SAYs:

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"Our corporate sessions have completely changed our staff energy for the better. My team feels the closest, most energized we've ever felt as a result of the time we spend with you. Much lighter. I just wish we had found you sooner." - PL, Corporate Client