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You might say I wear many hats. Although my background is in psychotherapy and developmental psychology,
my services go wherever parents need me.
 From corporate events, to brand consulting, to coaching groups - I help individuals and organizations take care of their best asset: parents.

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"[Our maternal wellness sessions] offer tremendous value—and you will see immediate results in the way your people feel and act. The guided conversations and self-reflection make participates more self-aware, helping them with priorities, choice, and how to approach life."

K.H. Vice President, Strategy & Innovation/People & Culture Leader, Propeller:

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"I needed to gain confidence to have difficult conversations and understanding that feelings are powerful and can drive a lot of thoughts that are not reflective of what the other person in the room is really thinking. I used to be filled with anxiety and worries when it came to dealing with difficult personalities at work. Marcella's ability to bring me back to reality helped me get out of my own way and focus on dealing with the task at hand. I've experienced much success and progress through her method of being transparent and showing up for yourself."

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Corporate Panels, workshops & Retreats

Your employees are juggling more than ever and you want to do more to  support them. I facilitate customized global workshops and corporate retreats (2021) that address the specific needs of your employees, covering topics like time management, prioritizing health, effective communication and more. 

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Parenting groups

Join my parenting groups, 8 week sessions focused on child development, maternal mental health and much more. Current groups are sold out but please sign up for updates regarding Late Winter / Spring '22 groups.
If you would like to organize your own group, facilitated by me, please reach out directly hi@marcellakelson.

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MK Membership

Want to experience coaching on your own time? My program is ready when you are. This option includes pre-recorded sessions, expert Q & A, exclusive communities, handouts and much more.

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Brand consulting

I help brands create solutions for problems that we face as parents- from crib sheets to policy changes, I provide insights that I gain from working with parents all day, every day.

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Private coaching

You've given everything you have to your family, job, friends, community- now you want to invest in something that is customized just for you. I can help you authentically love and enjoy the life you work so hard for.

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i provide Tools to help you find yourself...again.

Some of my favorite coaching topics include:

When you become a parent, everything changes. 

•  Returning to work after baby and managing boundaries within the various roles (mother, employee, spouse, etc)
• Not returning to work after baby, and shifting careers/personal goals
• Figuring out who you are and how your needs fit in to the whole equation
• Time management, personal & family organization
• Marriage & family communication challenges
• Friendship, family and community dynamics and the challenges that accompany them

Coaching is not suitable for anyone who is experiencing a significant mental health disorder. Learn more about this here.

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"Our corporate sessions have completely changed our staff energy for the better. My team feels the closest, most energized we've ever felt as a result of the time we spend with you. Much lighter. I just wish we had found you sooner." - PL, Corporate Client