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You Work Really Hard For Your Life,

(at work and at home)

I am a maternal wellness and parenting expert. I support  millennial mothers like you in navigating the overwhelming identity shift that accompanies parenthood.

Over the last decade, I've completed two masters degrees in mental health and developmental psychology from New York University & University College of London.

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 Marcella is first a professional parent wellness coach who can craft and navigate authentic conversations through her own personal experience and professional expertise; and second, is a highly intelligent woman who is personable, funny, and adaptable to the many perspectives of working parents.

- Raju Parikh, Benefits Manager, Facebook

We hired marcella for a one-off parenting event which quickly spiraled in to monthly sessions because it was so well received. the sessions address the various challenges and solutions for work / life management.  your employees will be grateful for the invaluable conversations that she brings to the forefront.

- corporate client

For the first time I feel empowered and in control about aspects of my life that I had previously resigned myself to accepting as character flaws I was unable to fix.

- private client

- PRivate client

It took me a long time to bite the bullet and start coaching with marcella. after spending so much money on kids, it was hard to take on another expense.
this was an investment. what i have resolved and the outcomes that have resulted from our coaching is crucial to my happiness, my marriage and my experience as a mother. 

- Private client

my life just got better and better. i didn't know what kind of parent, mother or wife i wanted to be. coaching helped me get clear on all of it. i love the person i have become and the life i have created for myself.

- private client

i was tired of spending all day in my head. i decided to start coaching to just get it all out. immediately i felt lighter, happier, and closer to myself. i would highly recommend this to any new mother.

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