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You Work Really Hard For Your Life.

Over the last ten years, I've worked extensively with parents and couples navigate the single biggest transition of their life.

Despite my extensive education and practice in psychotherapy, clinical social and child development- I still felt totally unprepared for the biggest shift in my own life.

The day I became a mother.

We all know how magical parenting can look from the outside. Instagram, TV, movies, even friends- they show you the loveliest moments. But what they don't show you is the sleepless nights, marital fights fuelled by exhaustion, financial anxiety and the crippling self doubt (to name a few) that literally appears from one day to the next. 

i'm marcella.

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Maybe you have all the support and love in the world but you still feel stressed, lost, grateful, loved, and totally confused about who you are nowMaybe you used to know exactly what you wanted out of your career, relationship, home, family- but since becoming a mother, you have no idea what you want anymore or what will make you feel fulfilled.

Maybe you feel guilty because you really wanted to be a mother, but you struggle with certain parts of the identity shift. Maybe it's hard to talk about openly with people because you've gotten a lot feedback that you should just be grateful. Maybe that makes it hard to admit that a lot of this is just confusing and new.

Yep, you can feel ALL those things and still be a great mother. You can feel totally freaked out and really fortunate all at the same time. 

By providing tangible, evidenced based tools and exercises, I work with mother's to help the navigate their new identity as a parent, make decisions that feel really tough (did you know that studies show that Mom's have a harder time making choices?), and generally managing the rollercoaster that is parenting in the 21st century.

Some feelings will change overnight, some will take some time to tackle. We will reflect on the past, but we will also be goal oriented and proactive. You’ll feel safe, but you will also be held accountable for the things you want. We’ll have to go deep, but in doing so, you will see results that you truly love. Results that reflect the person you are and the life you deserve.

We always hear that in order to take care of others, we have to put our own oxygen mask on first.

It's time to put yours on.



From the moment I first starting coaching with Marcella she “got” me. She identified what had been holding me back and gave me the tools to believe in myself and be the best version of myself. I realized through coaching that I had been hiding behind this person that everyone else wanted or expected me to be.


after discovering i was pregnant, i started to feel anxious and have what can only be described as an identity crisis. coaching helped me contextualize, identify and tackle the conflicting emotions i was having. it took work, but i came out the other end a much more confident person. i am eternally grateful that my daughter gets to have this version of me.


For the first time I feel empowered and in control about aspects of my life that I had previously resigned myself to accepting as character flaws I was unable to fix.


It took me a long time to bite the bullet and start coaching with marcella. after spending so much money on kids, it was hard to take on another expense.
this was an investment. what i have resolved and the outcomes that have resulted from our coaching is invaluable to my happiness, my marriage and my experience as a mother. 


my life just got better and better. i didn't know what kind of parent, mother or wife i wanted to be. coaching helped me get clear on all of it. i love the person i have become and the life i have created for myself.


i was tired of spending all day in my head. i decided to start coaching to just get it all out. immediately i felt lighter, happier, and closer to myself. i would highly recommend this to any new mother.

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